Present compelling messages in specific locations to impact local communities, empower activists and increase engagement.

Use outdoor advertising, art and activations in order to send targeted messages that have significance to the location, county, city and state.

Powerful targeted messages presented in public can posses significant meaning and have a dynamic impact. They have the potential to invoke emotion, spark action and encourage leadership.

VOTE! For John Lewis


For the past 33 years he proudly served in the US House of Representatives for Georgia's 5th congressional district. But this year, the first time since 1986, Georgian’s won’t have the opportunity to vote for John Lewis... That's why in 2020 we MUST vote in honor of John Lewis.

This is a citizen-led initiative to spread John Lewis' message across Georgia in the run-up to this historic election in which the “Soul of Our Nation” is at stake.

Chalk The Bloc

Inspire our neighbors to vote... and VOTE EARLY!

A family civic art activity. Your sidewalk and street are the canvas that you can use to help increase voter turnout and reduce voter suppression in the 2020 Election.

Voter Suppression in Georgia

What Georgia experienced on June 9th at polls across Fulton County and beyond, is what modern-day voter suppression looks like. It's one of the most prolific methods to disenfranchise minorities in American history.

Protesting to the Polls

On May 29th in the wake of the murder of George Floyd by a white police officer protests started in downtown Atlanta. Peaceful protests were infiltrated and riots broke out at the CNN Center, across the city, and cities nationwide. That night Killer Mike gave an impassioned speech in which he implored Atlantan's not to burn down the city, but to "Plot, Plan, Strategize, Organize & Mobilize." A sentiment we share.

____ for TRUMP!

Bewildered, we tried to think about which American's would STILL vote for Trump in 2020... and then it hit us!

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