What Georgia experienced on June 9th at polls across Fulton County and beyond, is what modern-day voter suppression looks like. It's one of the most prolific methods to disenfranchise minorities in American history.

A note from ACLU: “The Georgia elections held today (June 9th) were a massive failure. Countless Georgians were deprived of their sacred right to vote. Whether it is incompetence or intentional voter suppression- the result is the same-- Georgians denied their rights as citizens in this democracy.”


Install 8 billboards in districts with the longest voting wait lines emphasizing the importance of voting and amplifying a message from Common (rapper/actor/activist)

Campaign Goals

(1) Bring national attention to modern-day voter suppression

(2) Make sure people are not discouraged to vote in Nov, and beyond

(3) Fix issues and prepare for a fair election in November

(4) Hold officials accountable for voter suppression and apply pressure for a thorough investigation

(5) Increase early voter turnout to decrease wait times in November

Georgia Polling Locations | 1-6hr Waiting Times

Data collected by crowdsourcing first hand accounts from voters. This is NOT the total number of locations with extensive lines.

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